I have been wondering if there is a place for social justice in Paganisms, sort of a liberation theology for those that are not Abrahamics. I believe there is and at times it feels like there is little interest outside of those who are directly affected by social/structural injustice.
Today I saw a post elsewhere from a white woman who wanted to know how ( other white) people felt when their efforts to be an ally are rebuffed. Heavy sigh. One doesn’t do social justice work to get affirmations, or pats on the back from those for whom you feel you are “working.” One does this work because it is the right thing to do. Doing the work, being able to live with ones self IS the affirmation, the atta girl/boy.
This work is also very uncomfortable. Unearthing ones submerged beliefs can be painful and highly embarrassing (even if no one but you knows your submerged beliefs…). It can be frustrating. To work so hard only to be rebuffed can be challenging. But why should anyone be “grateful” because you have decided to do the right thing? To be a good person? To recognize the humanity and suffering of someone other than yourself?
I know that sometimes I don’t like my ally’s. I see them doing the work of being a feminist. I respect and honor that work, but I don’t want to hang out with them, or give them a pat on the back for just recognizing my humanity.
I often just feel relief when people that believe differently than me don’t try to convert me or don’t even bring up what they believe except in passing. Shrug. Just wondering if this is a conversation that people are willing to have. It is a conversation I am eager to have.