What’s up with 10K Sanctuary?

Well, lots. A year ago my husband and I put an offer in on some land with a house. Our offer was accepted, but the house was unlivable without over $100,000. worth of repairs, so we opted out. It was very sad. I liked the house and it was 25acres of unrestricted land. So since that didn’t work out I’ve been trying to figure out something different.
Recently there has been some interest in the local community for renting a space for the Goddess Temple. Of course, this takes money, and a regular stream of it, to pay the rent on said space. I have been looking for appropriate places and so far I have found buildings that will work, but no parking. Or places with plenty of parking and space but far out. The search continues.
In order for the Temple to be supported we will be offering memberships. However, I still need to do the math on the minimum amount of memberships and for what monthly amount will be needed for the space.
Recently a local woman tried to offer her land for use by the Pagan community. She was told by many what and how she would “need” to do that. Talking about sucking the joy and gift out of an offering! 10K Sanctuary has a board of directors and our purpose, mission and acceptable behavior in the Temple have been spelled out, so if you agree with our mission and purpose we would love to have you as part of our community! If not, then perhaps this is not the place for you.
Also, I have been collecting old prescription bottles with child proof tops for the Malawi Project. At our next meetup for Eclectic Pagans in Diaspora we will be removing the labels. 10K Sanctuary will pay the postage to sent them off. Our first action as 10K Sanctuary in service of the wider world community. I hope this is the first of many!