The Witches Pyramid


When I had my first dream about my niece, it was in 1990 and I was a high school student, and was a little weirded out by it, since it included the fact that I would most likely not see her to her majority. I knew that she would be the one to carry on the traditions of my family; the idea came to me to pass on my thoughts and knowledge as letters to reach her beyond my time and to make sure that she knew how much she is loved. It was brought to my attention that many others could be helped by these letters as well. And so the blog started.


This is how we will educate you, as a letter of love and joy to reach across time and space. I will try to teach you as much as I can while we are together but this is more to show you how long I loved you before you were even here. Most of this is just random thoughts to inspire, I hope that through this you find inspiration for your soul and food for you mind.

Speech, though integral to practicing the Path, is not so lasting as the word or drawn picture. Remember that magic breathes through you.

Before you start let us change some of the parameters of your thought processes:

  1. You ARE Limitless Splendor.
  2. You are responsible for EVERYTHING. –Not to blame, but in charge.
  3. I will love you always.
  4. Energy wants to change.
  5. No one truly dies

Stop…   Take a breath…

Magick (notice the ‘k’) is incredibly easy, most people do it every day without even knowing or acknowledging the change…

Well, let me rephrase that, most people START spells constantly throughout their day, but instead of directly using that energy, they doubt their own power and the spell fails.

For a spell to work successfully you must have a steady emotional base, you need to KNOW (what you want), DARE (to believe in yourself) , WILL (your reality to conform to your energy) and KEEP SILENT (do not give up or allow others to tear you down).

This is also called the Witches Pyramid or the Magician’s Manifesto.  Think before you act, sweetheart.










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Well I have been pagan, specifically Wiccan for nigh on to 23 years, Geez I am old. I have been a part of many groups in the Austin area, some being Austin Pagan Pride Day, and PACT (Pagan Alliance of Central Texas), and CMA (Council of Magickal Arts). I am the holder of the Itinerant home of pagans a VERY informal community center based out of my house. Crazy I know. I believe in Reverence with Mirth, so you should check out my blog through 10 K Sanctuary.