Sometimes I become overwhelmed by the enormity of temple building. I wonder “who do I think I am?” “Is this just my own hubris thinking I can create something out of nothing?” “Do I have the skills for community building?” “WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM?!” That’s a big one. I try not to focus on that one at all or I will become filled with despair.
This week I received a copy of Sage Woman. A subscription that I thought had long since expired. In it was an article written by Hunter Liguore, a woman I have never met, nor ever heard of. I read the article called “When She Speaks” and in it Ms. Liguore basically outlines my own vision for 10K Sanctuary, right down to the Temple needing to be round…
It has had a profound effect on me! Not only was my vision real it has been given to others as well! This week I have had a red tailed hawk buzz me, a dragonfly fly into my head, a damsel fly sit on the table in front of me, a heron fly directly over me and two crows fly over me. BIG changes are coming my way and Goddess REALLY wants me to pay attention! So I am.
Any reservations that I have had, or doubts were erased while reading that article. It is time for the Mother to arise and time for me, for US to midwife and support her return. She’s got quite a big mess to clean up and will need all of us to complete Her work.
Thank You Hunter Liguore for writing your article and for creating your journal called American Athenaeum. Please check out her website at