Spiritual work in a mundane world

Life has a way of getting away from me. While I work diligently, step by step, to get 10K Sanctuary up and running, I still have to eat and I still have to work to make sure that I can remain living inside, just like everyone else. I wish I was able to work full time on this as I am sure there is some heartwork that YOU wish you could work on full time.
Having said that, 10K Sanctuary is looking for a space to rent to call home! From my searches it appears that it will cost between $1800. and $2500. a month. For that to be feasible we will need people to commit to memberships. At this time, there is no membership option on our donate page. I do not know how to set that up, so if anyone does please hook me up!
So far we have $228.00 in the 10K Sanctuary bank account. Initially there were bank fees of $10. a month, but UFCU credit union stopped charging fees to businesses last December. YAY! So now all of the money donated goes in the bank and will not be touched until we have a physical space.
I have approximately $6-5,000. worth of antiques that have been donated by Mary Tufts to 10K Sanctuary. My problem is I do not know the best way to sell them! If anyone would like to donate their expertise on how best to trade them for money I would be most appreciative. That would solve the problem of deposits and one or two months of rent on a space.
Any ideas or thoughts on how best to manifest money, locations for the Temple or donations you may want to make are truly appreciated.
Many thanks to Cristina Ayala and Cody Blair for their continued support! Thanks to Catherine and Jo, who donate their space for us to meet regularly. I would also like to thank the many people who give what they can. Every penny is appreciated and builds intention AND the bank account.
Liona 🙂
Doing spiritual work in the mundane world is full of busy work. We at 10K Sanctuary appreciate