So now it is March…

This year I have really been feeling the push and pull of the planets and the moon. The seasons here in Texas have been intense and I find myself longing for California. I feel so lost at the moment. The application for recognized religious organization has been denied. I will challenge it but for the time being I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I am allowing myself to just be with this feeling of sadness and overwhelm.
At the same time my vision has not changed. I can see the Temple and the grounds and people there and I feel such a sense of calm and groundedness.
Recently I was given some very nice antiques for 10K Sanctuary to sell. I am having a hard time finding an appraiser. If you know of a good appraiser or antiques dealer in the Central Texas area please contact me. The statues and pottery still have price tags on them from the antique shop of the grandmother of the donor. If the tags are accurate (and they seem to be after a cursory search on ebay) then that will be a huge boost to 10K Sanctuary!
This update is feeling disjointed and winding, exactly how I am feeling at the moment.