Remembering I am a spiritual being having a human experience…

Heavy sigh. I run a meetup group once a month. This past month we decided to discuss the Goddess Ma’at. she is both a concept and a Goddess. As with most meetups, they are open to whoever shows up. This time there were some new people. One of the new people in the group started out pleasant enough and asked lots of questions, which is great! That is the point of the group! To learn from each other as we all have different pockets of knowledge and we are all from different traditions or places in our spiritual journey.
As the evening went on this individual became more confrontational to other members and finally decided that s/he was right and all of the other members in the group were wrong. The discussion became heated. I then put an end to the discussion and suggested that if s/he was feeling the need to be right then s/he would have to be silent and just know that s/he is just smarter than the rest of us and keep that quietly to themselves or that perhaps this just isn’t the right group for her/him. S/he then got up and left.
In hindsight I think it would have been better to ask this person how their confrontational manner in any way furthered the discussion, how this behavior was kind, and if it was helpful. I don’t know that it would have changed the discourse, but I do think that the opportunity for a change in the tempo and the charged nature of the discussion would have had a better chance if I had sat and counted to ten before I responded.
There are many reasons why I was triggered to respond, and at the time, I was conscious of trying to say something difficult in the most gentle way possible. It was an unexpected turn of events in an otherwise pleasant and educational evening. In the future I will make a greater effort to do better in acknowledging my triggers and not allow myself to be lead by them.
It would appear the work never ends on the spiritual journey.