Regenerative Farming Apprenticeship

Mary Tufts, one of our 10K Sanctuary board members, is now offering a one year regenerative farming apprenticeship,located in Rosanky, Texas. 10K Sanctuary is supporting this effort via this webpage and other advertising. In return Mary will be donating a percentage of her harvest to a local food bank, Serafina which is located in a retirement community that caters to low income seniors. This is in keeping with the mission and vision of 10K Sanctuary.
The apprenticeship is $1000. per year, scholarships are available and barter/payment options are also available. To sign up or to find out more information please contact . We are super excited about this collaboration!

Mary with cover hoop

Available Uses and Services

Gardening/Farming Instruction:
I’ll teach you everything I know while you help do it so it will stick with you. May be paid for by the hour in cash or comparable donations of resources or time. Whether you are interested in growing for market or simply providing food for yourself, I have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals.

Gardening Space:

Choose an area and pay rent monthly, quarterly, or annually. Only certain amendments and treatments are permitted, although I’m open to anything that is in accordance with the overall goals and intentions being pursued here, and I will be fully committed to showing you how to resolve any issues that arise. Tend it yourself or take advantage of full or partial garden care services available from me, either paid by the hour or an exchange of goods or services agreed upon by both parties. Space made available in raised beds or as a guild centered around a fruit or nut tree. If desired, you can provide one or more trees or shrubs as part of the exchange and the cost can be counted towards your payment for space or services. You may also dedicate your trees or shrubs and that dedication will remain with them in perpetuity.

Personal Farming:
Tell me what you want to eat and I will grow it for you. You can provide untreated, non-gmo seeds yourself or I can order them for you for cost plus something to cover the time spent discussing and putting the order together. Planting style is my choice or we can discuss doing it differently—I love experimenting and trying new techniques!

Livestock Boarding;
Full or partial care, depending on what you are looking for. First and last month’s fees required up front, along with either a vet check or first month spent in a quarantine area separate from other animals. I will provide forage and you can provide any other feeds or supplements you desire. If you are wanting milk or fiber animals but don’t have the space at home or aren’t proficient in milking or shearing, this is a great opportunity to learn what I know and expand our knowledge together. My intention is to build up a “flerd” consisting of a variety of species, including sheep, alpacas, goats, cows, and poultry as part of a rotational grazing and no-till pasture-cropping system which will build fertility while combating climate change by sequestering carbon (organic matter) deep within the soil. Did you know that it would only take a 2% increase in soil organic matter in an area equivalent to what is currently used for agriculture to counter-balance all of the carbon emissions put into the air since the burning of fossil fuels began? You can have your milk and help the environment, too!

Natural Space:
Choose an area and pay rent monthly, quarterly, or annually. Care and maintenance of anything planted or placed there (keeping mosquitoes out of water, caring for plants, etc.) would be included in rental fee. Hold rituals or visit as often as you like, just practice common courtesy towards my household and neighbors. No fires at all during burn bans or without providing your own fire extinguishers in no ban is in effect. Signing of liability waivers will probably be required.
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