More human moments.

I found my happy face. I’m back on track. Life can be so overwhelming sometimes. But then life can be all beautiful and inspiring too. The world is a crazy, crazy place.
I fully believe that in order for things to change, for us to change positively, we must work in the light. Good breeds good; bad breeds bad. (yes, yes I know subjectivity is not lost on me- one persons good may be another persons bad…)
Here is what I taught/teach my kids:
You don’t lie.
You don’t steal.
You don’t treat people like shit.
End of story.

It really is that simple. I had a moment of losing MY way watching people lie, steal and treat people like shit. I would like to remind everyone that once a person is dead, you can never take it back. NEVER. No matter how much you learn, no matter how bad you feel, no matter if the family has forgiven you, no matter what. I assumed that not treating people like shit included not killing them. But just in case that was not explicit enough.
DON’T KILL PEOPLE. Just don’t do it. Just don’t.
No exceptions. End of story. No matter how much you disagree, or think they are disrespecting you or really for any reason you think is good enough, it’s not. DON’T KILL PEOPLE. Don’t. DO NOT. There is never a good enough reason.