Life is just sooo Lifey sometimes

We have finally completed what has felt like the never ending move. Most of the boxes have been unpacked, although my paperclips are still eluding me. The new house is pleasant and homey. My son has decorated his room with the appropriate Godzilla accoutrements and is settling in. We can finally operate in the kitchen as if we live here. WHEW! I realized today that I need to go through all of my online presence and update and change as needed and then get back to the work of temple building. This site is no exception! There will be some minor changes and, hopefully, some major updates in the coming weeks. Foremost on my agenda is figuring out how to make money in the mundane world while creating something out of nothing.
Not getting the land (well, getting it and not being able to afford to make the changes needed to make the home habitable and having to exercise our option to opt out) really knocked the wind out of my sails. I know, I know, it wasn’t time or it wasn’t the right land… I know that if it was meant to be it would have happened, however, it still knocked the wind out of me. Now that I have had the opportunity to work really hard at getting THIS place habitable, I think I have purged the feelings of disappointment enough to begin again in earnest.
I have begun to feel the urge to write again after many years. I have the energy to wade through the many bureaucratic challenges in my immediate future. But for today, I am taking my son to the pool.