Life Frets

Yesterday our hot water tank broke. It happens, no matter what it is a bummer, an expensive bummer. Back in December I had set some new goals for myself. Those goals-not exactly resolutions- were/are to be physically, spiritually and financially fit. Short and sweet. I have been working out at the gym 4-5 days a week. So far not losing any weight but losing inches so I’m counting it as a win and in doing so feeling better, stronger and motivated to keep going.

My husband and I finally calculated our net worth after I found some worksheets online. While we were doing it I said, more than once, I can see why people avoid doing this! It is very unpleasant. However, like every shadow that needs to be addressed, it is only unpleasant at first. Once we saw on paper what we were unconsciously doing to ourselves we created a plan immediately. Now, just two months later, we are able to pay for our hot water tank replacement without charging it (or finding a way to live without hot water)! YAY US! In addition we have also restructured our finances so that we are paying down our credit cards and have already paid off several. It is quite a feeling of relief to see that we gained control BEFORE we ran off the tracks completely.

Both of us have different challenges with our relationship with money. Mine is seeing money as an adversary that must be overcome. I have been working on this for many years. First acknowledging that one CAN have a relationship with money and that that relationship can be dysfunctional. Then doing the emotional heavy lifting that goes with changing any dysfunctional relationship…

I’m not going to lie. It has been and will continue to be a challenge to continue to incorporate the changes in our lifestyle. But short term minor discomfort will lead to long term benefits…like maybe, possibly being able to retire before we drop dead.

Being spiritually fit also continues to be ongoing. For me that involves reading and then thinking deeply about what I have read. Asking myself how this does or does not apply to me, my relationships, my work in the world. I have been reading bell hooks works on love. I cannot recommend them enough. I am reading in this order: The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity and Love; All About Love: Visions; Communion: The Female Search for Love. Be prepared though, while hooks writing is very accessible the content will rock your world.

In other news, I recently had an essay published in an anthology. The anthology is Jesus, Mohammad and the Goddess edited by Trista Hendron. My essay is called Fuck Abraham, really it is. essaypageinmohammedjesusgoddess

goddessmohammedjesus The title started as a joke between Trista and me. Then we both agreed that maybe that was the title. She posted it on her website and many people read it simply because of the title, so I left it.

My garden continues to grow. I continue to grow too. I hope you are also growing.