Imbolc/Brigid is over and soon Ostara/Spring Equinox will be upon us

Depending on where you live, how you celebrate the cycles of the year and what they mean to you will be different. I have lived in Texas for seven years now. Every year the weather and the seasons have been different. It has been challenging for me to get a handle on the transitions and what they mean to me.

I lived thirty years in California. I was an avid gardener there and familiar with the ebbs and flows of drought vs non drought years. The changing of the seasons, while not as extreme as in the north east where I was raised, were very distinct to me. With climate change and normal variations of weather patterns how the cycles play out here and for me personally can be quite disorienting.

vision board
Even with this disequilibrium I always make an intention board for Imbolc to set the tone for the year. I have done this for over twenty years now. Some years I have great expectations, others not so much. I have found over the years that I leave more and more room open on the intention board to allow for Goddess to lead me where she wants me and for what I need to enter my life, rather than just what I want. I’m sure I am not the only one to notice that getting what one wants is not always the best thing to have happen…

As my son grows older, the baby that is now thirteen, egg hunts are no longer high on his list of fun things to do for Ostara/Spring Equinox. In our family planting seeds for our future garden was a standard part of our Spring Equinox celebration. In Texas if we wait until Spring equinox to start our seeds our plants will die from the heat before they have a chance to bear fruit. A lesson learned the hard way! We have not yet decided how we will celebrate the Spring Equinox this year. I’m a little saddened by the idea of not having an egg hunt, and not really having seeds to plant for our garden.

garden 2016
Our garden is already prepared and seeded for this year. In February! shaking head, times change and so must we. shrug. Life is all about change and transitions, at least for me. This year is no exception. I look forward to having my first successful garden in Texas. I’d love to be able to pick tomatoes from the yard again… So far we have planted, asparagus, rhubarb, bush wax beans, beets, carrots, potatoes, bush cucumbers (who knew?!), snow peas, regular peas, and some other stuff I forgot. It looks like I will need another bed because I want lettuce, spinach, artichokes (I will buy plants) tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, loofahs, and eggplant.

However you have celebrated Imbolc/Brigid and however you will celebrate Ostara/Spring Equinox I hope that your celebrations include your beloved family, both biological and the families we choose for ourselves. Remember to celebrate our Mother from whom all gifts eminate. It is She that we live upon, it is She that feeds us, it is She that is the air we breathe. Tread lightly upon Her so that our ancestors will also be able to plant seeds in their gardens in the spring and harvest in abundance in the fall.