Hello 2016!

Today is January 4th, 2016. 2015 is over. December brought a lot of change for our family. My husband is one of three sons, his father one of two sons. Both of his brothers had only sons and, while I have daughters from a previous relationship, he and I have a son. In December my sister-in-law had a daughter. Nine days later my sister-in-law died. My husband naturally went to be with his brother and the rest of his family. I stayed home with our son so he could finish his finals at school and I could finish preparing for the holidays.

In August my oldest daughter got married. At Thanksgiving my other daughter got engaged. In December two of my daughters and my future son-in-law came for the holidays. So much happiness, so much sorrow.

I begin the new year with new determination and focus as our family heals. My heart breaks for our newest family member who will never know her mother, for my nephews who lost their mother and for my brother-in-law who has lost his life partner. They are surrounded in love and will be supported as they transition to life without their beloved.

I rejoice as our family expands and my daughters find partnership.

My husband always gets annoyed when I say I like my chocolate like my life, bittersweet. But life is bittersweet and I think dark chocolate really is better. 2015 was an ass kicker all around. 2016 looks like it will be the year to implement all the changes and realizations that my shadows have taught me in 2015.

I am wishing everyone the most gentle transition possible in 2016.