Ethics of Selfishness


We’ve all done it.

We have all, at one point or another, wished for a random windfall of money, for an illness to be over, for extra time or energy. Heck sometimes within the same day or same breath. But as a Wiccan, is it ethical to do a working or focus energy on something that is so self-centered?

I have to say yes.

Now to the why, the reason that I believe it is ethical… You and the Universe are one, as long as your intent and focus are not to harm or be harmed, what you ask and do for you should fall in line with your Integrity.  The caveat being that we must examine on a case by case basis the validity of each action and know that our Godhead (our connection to The Divine) will give us warnings in its language of emotion to let us know if we are falling away from Integrity.

What you do no matter how small is reflected in the Soul of every living being, so be the Light not the Stain.

Remember I love you almost as much as the Divine does.







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