endings and beginnings

2016 has proven to be an exciting year of change. Some of the excitement is good, some not so good and other changes are just changes.

For the last two years Eclectic Pagans in Diaspora has had the gift of meeting at a local Bed and Breakfast, The Gold Coat Inn. This has afforded a certain amount of freedom in regards to being able to bring pot luck at times, wine or just staying past 10pm without worrying about the the wait staff losing money. However our hosts, Catherine and Jo are retiring and moving to Oregon. YAY for them! As a result, EPID will be combining our meetup with North Austin Pagan Meetup at the IHOP in north Austin, on hwy 35 just south of Wells Branch Pkwy.

The North Austin Pagan Meetup meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month and is hosted by Cristina Ayala and sometimes, me (Liona Rowan). There is a lot of crossover in these two groups and it only makes sense to combine them. Making EPID more accessible to Austin folks and still remain accessible to Pagans living in Williamson and other northern counties.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Catherine and Jo on this exciting new phase in their lives and thanking them for the use of their beautiful space! gcI meeting place172

More exciting news! ADF Hearthstone is in process of finding land for their new temple. Chris and Amanda Godwin have been working hard to share their love of Druidry in Austin and opening their grove to new members who are interested in following the path of the Druids.

Here at 10K Sanctuary our work continues. goatkissesmaryMary Tufts continues her work on her organic, regenerative and permaculture farm. If you are interested in learning about natural farming, please contact her! She has many learning opportunities including a year long apprenticeship (scholarships and trades are available).

My personal life continues to change and evolve. My firstborn is getting married in October. And in August my lastborn, my husband and I are going to Japan! After not leaving the state of Texas for several years, I will be going to Japan and to the Bay Area twice for two separate weddings (our board member and my good friend, nadirahNadirah Adeye, is also getting married!) In addition I will begin student teaching in the fall in pursuit of a teaching credential. While this is my heart work, it does not pay the rent. The mundane world still demands attention, as so many of us know.

Please join us on the fourth Wednesday at IHOP on May 25. Remember there will be no more meetings the the Gold Coat Inn.
Liona 🙂