Whew! life has been happening in abundance!

We are introducing a new page on the 10K Sanctuary website called Flamboyan’s Fancies. Cristina Ayala, a priestess, herbalist and diviner extraordinaire will be writing the page. She lives locally and is an active member in the Pagan community in Central Texas. We are honored to have her here!
Since the original land deal fell through due to FAR too many improvements needed for habitation we have been furiously looking for someplace to live. We are renters and the owners are selling our house. So while the search for land continues, we still needed someplace to BE. We have finally found a house that will meet our needs. The house needs little work and is affordable enough to allow the search for land to continue. Our hope is to find land before the year is out for the temple space.
In addition to moving I have also started a new job. It is quite a boon to have more money coming in. Like most things in life there is a tradeoff, I will have less free time. I am not complaining! I still have 4 free days a week in which to develop this webpage, 10K Sanctuary and most importantly, spend time with my family and friends.
The big trick will be deciding for lots of land a little further out or less land closer in. Ultimately it will be cost that decides. The pluses of further out are an increase in the amount of land giving 10K Sanctuary options to expand both the number of residences and other services provided by 10K. The minuses are that there is usually no water or electricity on the land so a well, telephone poles to afford access to electricity and septic systems must be introduced. Land closer in is more expensive but usually has access to water and electricity… Decisions, decisions!
In other news, the art show fundraiser for 10K Sanctuary has been postponed. Six weeks is simply not enough time to herd cats, I mean artists, to be in my hurry. This has increased the ability to collect donations of art and organize effectively AND seriously decrease my stress level. I will have an update soon on where and when the art exhibit will occur as I firm up the details. Many, many thanks to the amazing artists that have generously donated already!