at long last, an update.

This past year, 2014, has been such a challenge for me. Lots of change spilling over into 2015. We bought a house. A process that most might find enjoyable, but I find it to be an incredibly crazy and crazy making process.
You find a realtor after getting a loan and the realtor takes you around to different houses and you look around and make one of the most expensive decisions of your life in the 15-20 minutes it takes to open all the closets, look at the roof, check the oven and fridge and and see how much yard work you can guestimate.
We finally made such a decision and moved all our stuff in to our chosen house. It, of course needed much more work than originally thought, but luckily it is all cosmetic. WHEW!
Meanwhile the documents for recognized religious organization for 10K Sanctuary were submitted and denied on the grounds that it had to be for the sole purpose of religious services. Today I finally had the time and patience to go over all the documents to see if there was any other purpose stated or implied in the official docs.
I called the comptrollers office and spoke to a supervisor and she could not find our denial letter. in an even stranger turn of events neither could I. I called my husband to make sure I hadn’t dreamed the denial letter and he confirmed that we did, indeed, get a hard copy of a denial letter from the comptrollers office.
My purpose for calling and speaking to a supervisor was to initiate the process to contest the decision and to submit whatever documents and proof they need to recognize our religious organization.
So, That process has been started and research is being done to see why the recognition was denied. Deep Breath for me!
Meanwhile life goes on. Work on my garden is progressing. Flowers are blooming everywhere! The bees are loving it! Tomorrow I go to check on the bees and see if we are able to harvest some spring honey. With wildflowers everywhere for the last month and more rain today I am optimistic on the honey front.
I am also cautiously optimistic on the recognized religious organization front.
It is already April! I was in a car accident in January, minor damage to me, major damage to my truck. BUT the other driver was at fault (he is ok but his car not so much) and insured so all damage was repaired to both me and the car! YAY! We didn’t lose any bees over the summer. My kids are all doing well and there is rain in Central Texas for the time being.
Lots of projects going on at my house. I will not be able to have a full on veggie garden this spring/summer but I will be able to ready the garden for a fall/winter planting.
I am trying a pinterest experiment with potatoes in a laundry basket, I will let you know how it goes. I am also trying my hand at a succulent vertical garden. The deck in the back of my house has no fence so we are trying a bottle fence. It is amazing how quickly wine bottles add up when you ask your friends and neighbors to contribute! 😉 Right now I really want more blue ones. I think I have decided to just buy a few cases of those just to change up the color from brown, green and clear. I hope this is not a pinterest fail!
Things are moving along. Rituals are being held, meetups are occurring, seed and plant sharing as well. Our community continues to grow and expand.

Liona 🙂