This has been a very busy time of year. Anyone with children knows that Samhain/ Halloween is a BIG deal! My family is no exception. My son wants to be Dr. Who this year so I am busy making his 11th Doctor costume… There will be sewing lessons in his future  for sure!
I’m preparing our family altar for our Beloved Dead. We place photos of them along with some of their favorite foods and drinks placed in offering where they can been seen and enjoyed by our Beloved Dead.  The veil is thin and I can feel them calling.
Our board of directors is happy to announce a new board member, Mary Tufts. She is a farmer and knowledgeable about growing anything in Texas. She is also committed to social justice issues and green/organic gardening as well as permaculture. She will be submitting a bio and photo soon. In addition to joining the board, Ms. Tufts has also donated some antiques left to her by her grandmother. These donated antiques should bring in anywhere between five or six thousand dollars when sold! 10K Sanctuary is not only lucky to have Ms. Tufts as a resource and board member, we are grateful for her very generous donation.
Speaking of Donations, there is more! Jo Terrell and Catherine McDarg have also made a donation of a farm scale for chickens and other farm animals and another object (they told me I forgot-but it will be posted with photos soon!) Photos will soon be up of all the donated items for sale. We have a PayPal account and accept all major credit cards and debit cards.
This website is undergoing changes as well (Chris and Amanda Godwin of firewell&tree were amazing! They came and taught me how to do things I need to do and updated and fixed some issues with the 10K Sanctuary website. If you need help with marketing or website design they are the ones to speak to!  chris@firewelandtree.com).  With their help there is now a page under the “donations” tab. The donated items for sale will be found there.  In addition, a finances page has been added so that we can be transparent in what comes in and what goes out while the project of 10K Sanctuary progresses.
It has been an amazing month for 10K Sanctuary as the old year comes to an end and the new year is showing promise as a great year for 10K Sanctuary!
Blessed Samhain to all. May your Beloved Dead feel your love and you theirs.