Statement of Faith

  1. 10K Sanctuary is dedicated and in devotion to the Divine Female in all of Her 10,000 manifestations; in short Goddess.
  2. Because Goddess manifests in such abundance across many cultures and geographical areas 10K Sanctuary is by necessity an interfaith temple dedicated to Goddess in all of Her manifestations exclusively.
  3. It is understood that the Divine is in essence gender free, however, because God is worshiped in exclusion  extensively by monotheistic religions, Goddess has been relegated to a poverty of devotion and physical worshiping spaces. It is the purpose of 10K Sanctuary to provide a space for worship that is comfortable, welcoming and protected to all who wish to honor the Divine Mother by whatever name one might call Her. This is done with the specific purpose of trying to regain balance between the Female and Male energies of the Divine.
  4. It is understood that while Nature is Her Temple there is also a need to concentrate energy in a physical space that is accessible to all who seek Her.
  5. 10K Sanctuary respects and honors all forms of Goddess through many traditions, religions and belief systems; as such proselytizing of any sort will not tolerated. Those that try to “convert” others to “their” belief system/pantheon/way will be asked to find a more appropriate place to for them to worship. (Healthy interfaith conversations are not the same as “my way is right-your way is wrong “conversations- it is the latter that will not be tolerated.). We ask that all respect others way of holding Goddess.
  6. Because our traditions are predominantly oral 10K Sanctuary respects and honors our elders who hold the knowledge while acknowledging that people find their path at all ages in life. Some middle aged practitioners may hold more spiritual knowledge on a particular path than some elderly people who are new to their path.
  7. We are a non-discriminatory organization. No one shall create a hostile environment for anyone worshiping at 10K Sanctuary.  Racism will not be tolerated nor will racist language be tolerated. One cannot call upon Goddesses and deities from Africa, India and  indigenous societies  and treat the humans from those places disrespectfully. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated (no is a complete sentence).It is the belief of this temple that one cannot worship the Divine Mother and treat women with disrespect, therefore, misogyny, sexism, sexist language, using the female as pejorative will not be tolerated.
  8. Our rituals are held according to the moon and the sun. Public rituals will be held on the following schedule but are subject to change (all changes will be made public on the 10K Sanctuary website).Samhain – on or about October 30thYule/Winter Solstice – on or about December 21st

    Imbolg/Brigid – on or about February 2nd

    Spring Equinox – on or about March 22nd

    Beltane – May 1st

    Summer Solstice – on or about June 22nd

    Lughnasadh – on or about August 1st

    Fall Equinox – On or about September 22nd

  9. All genders are welcome to worship here.
  10. We do not worship sky clad (Some traditions worship naked in order to prevent discrimination based on social class. Here at 10K Sanctuary we want all to be comfortable during ritual and many people are not comfortable sky clad for whatever their reasons.)
  11. All public events are alcohol and drug free events.
  12. 10K Sanctuary is a drug free zone; anyone using any illegal substance will be asked to leave and the proper authorities will be contacted.
  13. We at 10K Sanctuary are dedicated to serving those in search of the Divine Female, all efforts will be made to have a priestess on the premises at all times.
  14. As 10K Sanctuary grows we will grow priestesses from within our circle and provide training programs as need is demonstrated. (At the moment clergy is seen as a female only, however, may be revisited in the future).
  15. As our circle grows we will provide teaching/learning opportunities for our youth – Sunday school if you will.
  16. Finally as part of our commitment to community and respecting our Elders we hope to, in cooperation with the state of Texas and private donors, provide housing for our low income Elders who have been and continue to be a source of knowledge for our communities. It is known that many of our Elders have done extensive community building, teaching and mentoring without monetary compensation. As a result many of our beloved knowledge holders live in poverty or in communities that are kind but do not understand the spiritual needs of those that are not like minded. We hope that as our community and circle grows we will have younger members learning from our Elders and Elders growing old with dignity in the shadow of a Goddess Temple.