Our Mission

Goddess Temple

Mission Statement

1. To build and maintain a Temple where people can worship the Female Divine.

2. Provide a place and regular worship hours as well as a space for private ritual, workshops, classes and community activities.

3. To provide a physical structure and spiritual support where one can worship Goddess, perform ritual and find others of similar mind and beliefs.

Retirement Community

Mission statement

 1. To build and maintain a low income retirement community for aging Pagans.

2. Provide a safe, well cared for homes in cooperation with DADS and other programs     for aging Pagans.

3. Providing a place for our Elders where they can age safely among others with similar beliefs in a natural environment.

 Sustainable landscaping and gardens

Mission statement

1. To provide a safe pesticide and chemical free food and honey source for the Pagan retirement community, the Temple and Priestesses that live on site.

2. To maintain an apiary, orchard and a vegetable and herb garden to provide safe foods for the Elders, Priestesses and their families and to provide the correct herbs for ritual incenses and medicinal herbs on site for the Temple, Priestesses and the Elders.

3. Pagan religions are predominantly earth based, natural foods and honey via a sustainable earth honoring methods are key to honoring and worshiping Goddess.