About the 10K Sanctuary logo art

It is said that Goddess has at least 10,000 manifestations. The concept of a Divine Female, or Goddess, can be found in ancient artifacts discovered all over the world. The color ochre red, the oldest known pigment, is also found in ancient burial sites, art work and the tattoos of ancient mummies. Red ochre is the color of both menstrual blood and dried blood; the color of birth and death. When artist Sydni Downs was commissioned to create the logo she was given this information along with some books by Marija Gimbutas and very little else.
This depiction of Goddess is racially ambiguous so as to be welcoming to all who seek to worship here. Many manifestations of Goddess originated in India and Asia and so She has extra arms and Her hands are open but slightly cupped to hold whatever She is needed to hold. Her eyes, which can be interpreted as snake or cat eyes, are open so that the beholder can be seen and we can know that She is awake and ready. The background is the color of papyrus because three of the board members are devotees of Egyptian Goddesses. She sits in a circle, the moon, the sun or the earth according to the interpretation of the beholder. We feel that Downs really captured the ancient and modern feel of Goddess and the intention of 10K Sanctuary Goddess Temple and Retirement Community as a Pagan Interfaith gathering place.