In the works at 10K Sanctuary

There is lots happening behind the scenes here at 10K Sanctuary. We are in process of creating a sustainable farming apprenticeship. Well, actually, it is nearly done just working on the final touches and trying to figure out how to best get the word out.

Mary Tufts, one of our board members and an experienced farmer, has agreed to teach others what she knows about farming restoratively and sustainably here in Texas. I have said to her more than once, “I wish I could just empty your head into mine!” Her knowledge is extensive both with plants and animal husbandry. Recently she bought land in Rosanky and is extending the rare opportunity to see what it takes to grow a farm from the ground up. It is not for everyone, the work is hard and Texas is hot, If you ever wanted to know what it takes to farm you really shouldn’t pass up this opportunity.

I have been really upset by the actions of Daesh throughout the world. The displaced people, the deaths of so many caused by a few radical renegades and the resulting refugee situations throughout the world. The most reported on are the Syrian refugees, but they are not the only people in crisis. I have lost sleep over this. Instead of doing nothing I created a fundraiser on Crowdrise. All of the money goes directly to Mercy Corps.  10K Sanctuary never sees the money.  I chose Crowdrise because the money goes directly to the relief group, they only take 3% of the donations (other crowdfunding organizations take up to 8%) and we do not have to meet our goal for the money to get to Mercy Corps.  I chose Mercy Corps because they are providing relief on the ground to refugees around the world.   I hope you will choose to donate to Pagans Helping Refugees .   So far we have raised $245.00  I am hoping that as a community we can do more.

We continue to look for a permanent home for 10K Sanctuary and for ways to pay for it.  We are in the dark of the year now.  A time for going inward and knowing ourselves and our shadows before we burst forth in the spring.  I wish all a very happy Solstice/Yule surrounded by your loved ones.