2016 is clearly the year of transition, change and challenges

I moved to Texas seven years ago. Since coming here I have been seeking community. I have met some amazing and loving people that have become and remain my good friends. It is the nature of my life that I have friends that fulfill different needs/wants for different parts of my life. So in some ways my need for friendship and community has been fulfilled.

In others, however, it has not. I have been wondering what it is that I seek and what it is that I am not getting. It took a trip to a friends wedding and seeing and hanging out with many old friends for me to finally put my finger on it, or more to the point, my heart around it. Since being here in Texas I have stretched myself beyond my normal comfort levels in many areas. I have attended meetups where I don’t know anyone! (a big stretch for me!) At these meetups I have made some truly lifelong friends.

I have also started a meetup group called Eclectic Pagans in Diaspora in hopes of encouraging a more diverse group of attendees and from traditions out side of Northern European/Celtic traditions, with limited success. My goal in the meetup has always been a flat structure where leadership would be passed from person to person and I would serve mostly as a facilitator for transition of leadership. In this I have not been successful. I clearly have not been able to make my intentions clear enough, or have not attracted people who feel comfortable with shared leadership. No matter, the responsibility is mine.

What I have been seeking is a community of equals working together towards something greater. It seems that that goal is best met in other ways than a meetup group. Due to lack of interest, probably due to a lack of appropriate leadership on my part, I have decided to end Eclectic Pagans in Diaspora meetup group. For those that are still interested in keeping in touch, there is a 10K Sanctuary Facebook page, you can follow this website, or you can friend me on Facebook. My personal FB page is fairly political and very left, just be forewarned.

I will be continuing with the mission and vision of 10K Sanctuary. The mission of creating a physical place for Pagans devoted to Goddess to worship in community and in safety and the larger vision of creating a retirement community for our Elders to retire with comfort and safety. Mary Tufts continues to develop her organic regenerative farm and still offers apprenticeships should you want to learn how to grow food sustainable in Texas. To contact her email: MaryTufts@10KSanctuary.com and she will give you all the information you will need to enter the apprenticeship (scholarships are available as is a sliding scale).