Welcome to 10K Sanctuary!

Hello and welcome!

As 10K Sanctuary continues the search for a permanent home, we will be holding ritual services at Gold Coat Inn  2901 County Road 175, Leander, TX 78641. We strive for transparency and hope to have many co-creators as we move forward in the process.

 A Message from the Board of Directors

10K Sanctuary does not support or condone cultural, institutional racism. The tragic events of police brutality that have come up repeatedly and with more frequency in 2014 are the product of not only racism but the militarization of a “peacekeeping force.” The following stories that have made public news in 2014 are just a sampling of what has become daily expectation in many American communities.
Austin. Texas 2014
Daniel Rocha- 18yrs-unarmed
Byron Carter- 20yrs- unarmed
Kevin Brown- 25yrs-unarmed
Pico Rivera, Texas 2014
Frank Mendoza- 54yrs- unarmed in his own home
Many others on this site from 2013
Houston, Texas 2014
Mike Walker- 38yrs- unarmed (survived 3 gunshots for a routine traffic stop)
Throughout the United States 2014
Dontre Hamilton- 31yrs- unarmed
Eric Garner- 43yrs- unarmed
John Crawford III- 22yrs- unarmed
Michael Brown- 18yrs-unarmed
Ezell Ford Jr. -25yrs- unarmed
Dillon Taylor- 20yrs-unarmed
Dante Parker- 36yrs- unarmed
Tanesha Anderson- 37yrs-unarmed
Akai Gurley-28yrs-unarmed
Tamir Rice- 12yrs- unarmed (had toy gun was shot by police within 2 seconds of police arriving at scene)
Rumain Brisbon- 34yrs- unarmed
and so, so many more boys, women and men…
As a religious and spiritual organization, we are devoted to actively eradicating these forms of inhumane treatment and injustice through education, heart-based dialogue, and protest where our members feel called. The Goddess has many names and just as many methods for bringing healing and justice. 10k supports personal truth-speaking for all people, and the truth of this sanctuary is that as a community we must take responsibility for these human tragedies and remove the conscious and unconscious racism toward Black and African Americans in this country, or history will continue to repeat. Today is the day to learn the facts, speak with community members, and answer the call of justice as your deepest heart feels called. As a community we shall not be silent witnesses any longer!

10K Sanctuary Board of Directors